Client Testimonials

Celeste's approach to healing is something best described as divinely guided. Her intuitive skills and direct approach will help guide and heal one's soul in their journey of life.

-Rob G

Hi Celeste,

I just wanted to write and thank-you again for the beautiful and healing reading yesterday. It was wonderful to connect with my great-grandmother again, and know she was watching over me. And your message of the diamond ring, the one I dreamt of the night before - well, that was just wild wasn't it! And as I was walking today I made sure to "ground" my left heel! So much of what you shared had meaning for me.

Have a great day:)


Hey Celeste,

So I must get you caught up, as I wish to thank you for what you did for me in 2011. It was an extraordinary year, I learned a lot and I gotta say you instilled this in me. I am slowly working on grasping the chakras more and more and I have begun reading medicine cards for people. Seriously I cannot thank you enough for giving me the kick in the pants I needed to see that what I was already doing was indeed something that numerous people also share a joy in. You helped me find a path that makes me want to help people for the sheer joy of love, as you have done for me. This is seeming easy for me to write as it is coming from the heart. I hope with all of my being that you continue to help people like me, lord knows this world is so in need of someone like you. I also hope that you prosper and find infinite amounts of love and happiness in your life. I want to apologize as keeping in touch does fair difficult in the fast pace of everything I try and squeeze in, but I just wanted you to know that its not cause I forget, Cause I never do. Thank You.

-David C

I have had the pleasure of having several sessions with Celeste. She has had a profound effect on my personal healing. I feel very blessed to have had her insight and help during my times of need. She is an absolutely beautiful soul and will continue to seek her guidance.

-Kim K

I unexpectedly met Celeste during a difficult transition in my life. Through healing sessions with Celeste I was better able to cope with my reality and move forward in a positive direction. I was able to understand the situation and how it impacts my life path thus removing the negativity. Celeste focuses on positive attributes and teaches her clients activities that aid in a positive outcome. She is able to relate with her clientele through her own personal experiences. Her warm and caring personality creates a comfortable environment in which clients are able to interact and engage during sessions. She has always thoroughly explained her perceptions and asked if I had any questions to enhance clarity during our sessions. Communicating with Celeste during, prior to and after our sessions has always been a breeze. Her schedule is quite flexible, she works with the client to arrange for a suitable time. I have been her client for the past year and highly recommend her to others; in fact many people close to me have also started healing sessions with Celeste. She is a wonderful person and absolutely amazing to work with.

-Baljit R

Hi Celeste,

I wanted to send a huge Thank You from my grandmother. She cannot stop bragging about you and your "hot" hands! She appears much calmer and says she feels like a 20 year old again. When she (90 years old) just hopped off the treatment table like she was ready to go for a jog I couldn't believe it!

I also wanted to personally Thank You as well. When I was undergoing extremely heavy drug treatments from my doctor that left me feeling completely out of my own mind, your treatments pulled me back into my body. I felt more connected to myself again and eventually strong enough to stop the drug treatments. Even after a year of being drug free, I still enjoy your treatments when I feel like I need a "tune up". Much love and gratitude to you!

ps...also your reading was incredibly car literally broke down that night! to see if that special man shows up ;) xoxo

-Anette H

Dear Celeste,

I would like to thank you for the excellent services that you have provided to me. Not only were your readings very accurate but you helped me in a way that was comforting both physically and spiritually. Your psychic sketch was equally as impressive and again very accurate in all aspects of my life. Your professionalism and joyful spirit made these experiences very pleasurable. I will certainly be recommending you to my family and friends. Thank you once again.



When I met Celeste almost a year ago, she offered to give me a quick 10-minute reading. In those 10-minutes, she told me things about me and my life that there was no way she could've known. What amazed me most and was most unforgettable was that she knew about the heart-wrenching pain that I'd hidden from everyone else in my life. She told me my grandma, who had passed the year before, was with me and would stay until the pain was gone. I believe that knowing that I was not alone, that my grandma watched over me and would not leave until I was okay has helped me get back on my feet again and face the world.

What Celeste does is truly amazing. There are no words to express the depth of gratitude I feel for all she has done for me. Her insight and power leave me in awe. I feel truly blessed that by some magical working of the universe I had the fortune to meet Celeste and not someone else the day we met.

From the bottom of my almost healed heart, thank you Celeste.