The Fast

The Fast

I don’t know why they call it the fast because while I’m doing one, the time goes super slow.  Especially when I’m in the house with other people happily munching away on all my favorites.  There’s nothing fast about it.

The fast was first introduced to me by my colorectal specialist and it was enhanced with something to drink that smells like wet dog, tastes much the same and makes the insides squeaky clean after drinking it.  That and the 50 million trips to the washroom.  To make the experience even more special, he had me end the fast with a 20-minute session with a garden hose like tube inserted up my rear end (with a camera on it)!  My point being, I won’t forget it too soon.  So, when my friend and healer, Leonard, told me to do a 4-day prayer fast, I had flashbacks and went into evasive maneuvers to avoid having to do it.   Realistically I have prayed my way through every fast I have ever had to do.  What would be different or revealing about this one?

I’m a slow mover, so after a few months of mulling it over, I decided I would do it.  I knew I couldn’t do the traditional native way of no food or drink for 4 days.  I was born with a serious heart defect and had open heart surgery when I was 10 years old.  Against the word of every doctor who examined me as a child, I am still here!  My heart issue at this point is considered benign and will remain that way if I take care of myself.  Exercise and eating well are the first two points and I could ward off this fast if ‘eating well’ was on the list because for that, one must eat!

In my life, as a healer, if something is spiritually suggested (comes through in meditation or prayer as a vision) and I don’t take that advice, life makes a  happenstance to make it a necessity! That is exactly what came about.  Powerful prayer became important to do as I watched a very close friend struggle in his life.  I felt that I should do the fast for him and his higher good for resolution.  I meditated to find a way to overcome the fear of dropping from a heart attack.  The stress on the body of 4 days of no food and no water in 32C with no air-conditioning weighed on my mind.  It sounded like suicide.  Trust in God sounds easy but when it goes against scientific knowledge, it can really play on the mind.

Through prayer and meditation, I was given instructions to modify the fast.  Hunger was the important element to experience in this case to increase the power of the prayer and gain the insight I needed.  Spirit (AKA:  the invisible people) had spoken!  Done!

I chose my dates, made the broth (as spiritually directed), set up a support person and had everything there at my disposal – as needed.  The 4 days went well overall.  Where there would have been the grief of dehydration in the traditional fast, I had the grief of diarrhea in the modified one.  Every swallow of liquid that entered my mouth, exited the other side with vengeance.  Those tricky invisible people know what they are doing!  By day three the answers had been given and I wondered why it would be 4 days if the insight was already there?  I was pleased and surprised with day 4 to find that it was a day of giving thanks and gratitude.  The fast had worked and worked well! Then came the part of executing in my life the things that revealed themselves on day three.  I could make a difference in this person’s life only by leaving it.  Looking back, I now see the necessity and am very happy I did the fast and made the changes.

Since then, each fast has been different.  The most recent one being in the first week of December.  It was the most difficult one yet but also the most clearing.  I didn’t connect well with this fast during it.  I didn’t have a sense of purpose other than its for me so there was no focus to remind myself of why I should embrace the hunger and learn from it.  Life is good and I have been taking challenges in stride.  I have been having the time of my life snacking on chocolate and potato chips every day.  I’m in a good space!  Why should I be fasting?

Chips and chocolate! Who can ask for better? Sweet and salty in every bite!

The hunger was a beast for all 4 days this time.  The first 36 hours was without food or drink.  I still had to do a few healing sessions each day except for one of them, which isn’t the norm.  There is no working during a fast.  It is focused on caring for self the entire time.  Not this time!

Each day of it I figured the next day would be the one I would connect with and feel purpose for the feeling of starvation.  My partner is also very spiritually strong but finds it amusing that I listen to my guides so intently.  He told me that if he was my spirit guide that he would totally mess with me and tell me to do all kinds of things, like fasting, just for his own amusement.  I got an image of a group of wise looking spirits in robes laying down their money as my ‘how to safely starve yourself’ guide looks over and says, “$20 says I can get her to starve herself for 4 straight days!’  Then there would be hordes of laughter as they put their money down on lucky number 4.  Another guide stepping up to say, ‘I will put an extra $5 on her quitting on day 3.’  “No way!” yells my partner’s guide, getting in on the action. “Have you seen how she’s been piling chocolate down her neck lately?  She’s not making it past the first night!”

Well!  I showed them!  Mostly anyway.  I only had one booboo when I took a nano-gram of lucuma powder on my finger to taste, to see if it would be good to put in chocolate.  As the beautiful fruit powder melted on my tongue, my brain went into warning alerts.  Then I remembered I was abstaining and didn’t go for a second taste.  (I guess someone’s guide lost 20 bucks!)

I made it through all 4 days and nights.  The last evening I fought myself as the beautiful smell of my son’s lasagna wafted through the house, assaulting my senses and setting my stomach roaring like a mad cow.  I wanted to cry.  I convinced myself that I would stay up to midnight so I could eat but sleep had different plans for me.  When I woke in the morning, the hunger was gone.  Magically disappeared.  I just wanted tomato juice.  2 liters of it to be exact.  I spent the day catering to the cravings and honoring what my body was asking for in a complete state of peace.  I didn’t question it.  I trusted.

Although I started out questioning the fast, I still did it and I am happy I did!

My insights from the fast:

  • My body/heart is stronger than I give it credit for. Thankfully!
  • Onions and garlic really don’t do me any favors. I should abstain as much as possible.
  • I am an emotional eater and must work on that.
  • I love food! I enjoy the tastes and textures.  They are a true pleasure in my life.
  • The tastes are massively enhanced after abstaining and I am grateful for the experience of tasting the foods for the first time again. I am grateful for having food to eat!
  • I feel clean. Not like a shower kind of clean.  Energetic and vibrant.  Clear in mind and body.  Spiritually on point and focused.  Very present.
  • The big bonus is that my writers block lifted! I got up and wrote a blog post AND had the energy to go through and figure out how to post it!  Yay me!  Lol

Note:  It is recommended you see your doctor for a complete checkup before doing a fast.  You should never do one without your doctor’s consent.  A fast is mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically taxing and should never be attempted without proper support in place. This includes NOT being alone during the fast.