The Codependent Infrastructure

Over the years I have watched trends come and go.  Clothes, food and word usage appear to be the most common of the many fads.  When I think of trendy words, I think back to the word “deadly” in the 80’s.  It was used everywhere with the cool folk to express how wonderful something was.  Now “deadly” has been dead and buried for quite some time and I am making the realization that it’s not just street talk that gets the fashion trend in words.  As it turns out, there are ‘smart words’ too!  They tend to be used as catch-alls for when officials don’t have much to say but need to sound smart saying it.  These words are usually pulled out to ensure funding for _______(insert project name here)____.   Like the greatly overused ‘infrastructure’.  I remember being at a school council meeting for my children’s elementary school many years ago and the principal giving a pitch to get some of the parent council’s money for ‘the schools infrastructure’.  Sounds really important!  Quick!  Pass it over!

Never mind!  On closer examination, maybe not!  I don’t think that the teacher appreciation luncheon having catering staff vs. parent volunteers plays much of a part in the stability of the schools foundation.  Since that day, the word has annoyed me.  Every politician seems to sling that word out and I can almost hear him/her before they take the stage; arguing with their speech writers that they won’t be taken seriously unless that word is in there at least 6 times.  Then there is the issue of them not being prepared.  That brings on the consolation pep talk: ‘Don’t worry about it ol’ buddy, just say ‘infrastructure’ a few times and they will think you know what you are talkin’ about.  Makes ya sound like you were up all night studyin’!’

Infrastructurally speaking, this blog will not be memorable if I do not fit that word in here several more times.  What about my credibility as a healer???  On that note, I will tell you that my technique in healing helps the individual increase stability to their personal infrastructure.  Better?

Now that ‘infrastructure’ is down to about half of its previous slogging usage (except in this blog), the word ‘codependent’ is on the rise.  Make no wonder it is!  When you look at the long list that wiki has in print for its definition, it actually IS relevant to everyone.  Try to find someone who does not have a single trait on that list!  As it turns out, we are all codependent.

As a healer, I have my own little set of labels for work.  For the word codependence to come to my mind there has to be harm from the dependency.  However, I have been hearing it used on stay at home moms because they are taking care of the children and depend on their husbands for the income.  The husbands depend on them, in turn, to keep things at home running smoothly.  That’s codependent??  Sure!  That life may drive some of us mad over time, but that is (I believe) a relationship with negotiated terms and agreements.  It’s more accurately, ‘cooperatively dependent’.  With the great codependent overuse at hand, it makes me wonder if my older sister and I were in a codependent relationship as children.  She only ate egg whites and I was the bad girl who only ate the yokes.  We always asked for eggs together so we could maximize the number of whites and yolks we got to have.  We rarely asked for eggs without each other.  I am stricken with fear to hear what that may mean…..  could it be Ovo-codependence???  (Proven by the harm coming to me for all the yummy goodness of the yolks, now turned to cholesterol demons.) Not to worry though, we live thousands of miles apart now and have managed not to crack without the egg sharing relationship.  (ha)

As trends go, who knows which word will be grabbed onto next?  Most likely it will be a word someone throws together just to see if it will take.  I think it should be fundiculous – something that’s ridiculously fun to do.  For now, I sit and trust that those dreaded, overused words will eventually balance in usage, just as Trans fatty acids have.  I haven’t noticed that on a label lately.  However, I have been seeing a much higher rise in ‘vegan’!  Followed by ‘raw food vegan’….. And I await with great anticipation the ‘macrobiotic raw food vegan’ movement!  I’m sure that’s not a fad.