The Clearing Bath

About 6 weeks ago I was supposed to go out with a friend for a fun night but had to cancel because I was feeling under the weather.  Instead of going on without me, this amazing woman showed up at my house that night with a full complement of home remedies to help me get back on my feet again.  There were ingredients for fresh ginger tea, a camphor concoction to help keep my breathing clear and Epsom salts to soak and cleanse away the bug.

I usually take a salt bath at least a few times a week, especially if I have a full day of energy work freshly behind me.  It helps to clear foreign energy and is known to detoxify the body, bringing it back to a balanced state of health.   These salts looked interesting to me because they were ‘lavender’.  Unknown to my dear friend Anette is my association of lavender to the distinct aroma of feces.  I worked for many years at a facility that did hydro colonic treatments (power enemas), and the room was located next to our lunch room.  The colonics room had a spray to refresh the room after the final bowel evacuation, which was scented…you guessed it….lavender.  After many years of choking down bites of food mixed with the smell of lavender poo, I have not been able to have anything lavender on me or near me.  It just smells like poo now!  I thanked Anette for the wonderful, thoughtful gift, as well as the love and nurturing she was providing to me.  I used the other items immediately but the lavender salts sat behind the toilet (where all things poo like should be) for over a month.  Every time I was in the bath, I looked over at the lavender salt and thought about the negative associations that I had to my former work place.  I’m not saying it was a completely horrible place; it was a great place to work for a long time and gave me many experiences that I really enjoyed.  The downside of working there was actually what gave me the push I needed to get me onto the path I am now travelling and loving!  However, ‘Me’ and ‘Lavender’ never saw eye to eye since then.

Last week I ran out of my regular unscented salts.  I thought of using my cooking salt but instead I decided to face my fear.  I would try the lavender salt.  Worst case scenario is that I get into the tub, smell poo, let the tub drain and take a shower.  At least my energy would be cleansed! I filled the tub and put in the salt, surprisingly, it did not smell like feces.  It smelled refreshing and wonderful, the way lavender smelled before the colonic room made its impression.  I had a wonderful bath where the temperature stayed perfect for the full 20 minutes and I felt both refreshed and relaxed at the end of it.  The avoidance of using the salts ended up doing me a huge favor and had me work through my issues before even introducing it to my bath.  Thank you Anette for (unbeknownst to you), helping me get past this hang-up…and letting me love lavender again!  I love you girlfriend!

P.S. 1 ½ C to 2C epsom salts for a regular or high soaker tub for 20 minutes is the recommended amount!  Enjoy!