Random Acts of Kindness

I watched the movie, Mrs. Doubtfire a few days ago and was amused at the scene where Robin Williams (as Mrs. Doubtfire) hurled a piece of fruit at hot and sexy Pierce Brosnan, bouncing it off his head and exclaiming, ‘it was a drive by fruiting.’  As it turns out, you can have lots of different ‘drive by’ actions.  I, myself got to experience a drive by hugging this week!  I kid you not!

I was surprised three times in one day by unexpected doorbell rings….the first was religious proselytizers, the second was a surprise in that I forgot anyone was coming by to pick up forgotten stuff,  and the third was the ‘drive by hugging’.  After the doorbell rang, I looked out the peep hole and saw the top of a woman’s head.  The hair style led me to believe it was my youngest son’s girlfriend.  I instantly thought that she had shown up thinking her beau was here; not realizing he was at his dad’s that night.  When I opened the door to deliver the bad news, it was not my dear little daughter in law to be!  It was one of my close friends who happened to be driving by (15 minutes out of her way) to give me a hug because she was thinking about me and had not seen me in a while.  Less than 2 minutes and several hearty hugs later, she was out the door and off to her evening festivities.  It was wonderful!  Thank you Lisa for being such an amazingly spontaneous and thoughtful woman!  To those of you who have never had a drive by hugging…or given one… it might be time to put it on the bucket list.

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