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OH the pressure of the first blog entry!  Having a sister with a Blog being published as a book sets the rails really high….so I have decided not competing is the best route for me.  I have changed my opening topic none less than 100 times and stared blankly at the computer screen for longer than I would like to admit.   I wonder if I have to write about something in the news, something significant to healing and readings or if I can just write.  I decided to just write…

This week was wonderful and my joy is a direct result of a difficult decision made last week.   I have been in a 2 year program for spiritual healing and last Thursday evening, I decided it was best for me not to continue.  This is January and graduation is in April and I was telling myself it would be really easy to stick it out and get the certificate.  I had gone through my normal pre-class activity of weighing the pros and cons 2 weeks earlier and had settled on the decision that I would continue and finish with the group.  Each weekend of class is 2 levels and since levels 9 and 10, I have been convincing myself to go.  I didn’t know why it did not feel right to me but others I spoke to about it seemed to think it was fear of moving forward and facing new challenges etc…  I decided it could be that and went to the classes anyway.

Last Thursday morning, I woke feeling great about the upcoming class and the sound therapy session I had booked later that day.  I went off to sound therapy with a light heart and feeling open to whatever may come from it.  The first thing the therapist asked me was, “If you had a magic wand and could give yourself anything right now, what would it be?”  I answered, “I would like peace of mind.”

The therapist gave me her findings as to the source of the restless mind and everything she said was very accurate.  I could not dismiss what she brought forth as it was so clear.  She had no way to know any of those things about my life, nor was she aware that those things were all related to my classes.  The session concluded that I should seriously consider not continuing with the current classes.  As those words left her lips, I felt lighter.   Like I had given myself permission to quit but not feel like a quitter.  I had a flood of thoughts that further clarified for me that I really didn’t want to continue.  I wasn’t avoiding doing work on myself by not going.  I had no fear of moving forward, this class in certain ways, was holding me back.

As the weekend passed, I missed my friends (soul mates) and our interactions and lunch chats, but I know in my heart it was the best decision for me.  Since then, my whole world has started opening up again and I made a further realization that I had started feeling somewhat limited when I had committed to this class and sticking to the ‘rules’ of the class.  I don’t regret the time or money spent because I met so many wonderful people and learned so much about myself through it.  I am also grateful for this lesson!  Now I know to pay more attention to how I feel and honor it – even if it is something that is deemed to be for my betterment.  After all, I know not every size 8 shoe is going to fit my foot comfortably.  I just have to feel for the right fit!

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